Bajreshwari Temple of Kangra is one amongst 51 Shaktipeethas in Himachal Pradesh

Bajreshwari Mata Temple Kangra

Known for its beautiful vegetation and snow fed rivers, there are about 2000 temples in Devbhumi Himachal Pradesh. There is at least one temple in every village of this state. The presence of local deity is essential during every kind of celebration in Himachal. A few temples have been made of stone while other are of slate and timber. One among these is the famous temple of Bajreshwari Mata temple, which is situated amidst Kangra town in Himachal.

Compared to other temples in the district, it attracts more tourists. This temple is one of 51 shaktipeethas, where the left part of Mata Sati’s thorax had dropped. That’s why it’s also called Satanapeeth. After that incidence, the divine power appeared at this place in the form of Bajreshwari Mata.

Brajeshwari Mata Temple Kangra

It is believed that the original temple was built by Pandavas during the Mahabharata era when this place was known by the name of Nagarkot. The Mata is worshipped here in the form of pindi, which is enshrined under the silver metalled umbrella in garvgriha, the main area of Bajreshwari temple. The small temples of many other gods including Bhairavnath, the embodiment of Lord Shiva are also established beside Brajeshwari Mata. It is believed that the Bajareshwari temple was full of wealth till 10th century.

But it was looted a number of times by the Muslim invaders including Mahmud Gaznavi who had raided this temple 5 times in 1009 AD. He had even taken away the main temple gates made of silver. Then in 1337 AD, Muhamad Bin Tuglak and in 15th century Sikander Lodi looted this temple. It is also said that Emperor Akbar came here and cooperated in the re-creation of this temple. In 1905, the temple was almost completely destroyed by a powerful earthquake. The re-construction of the current temple was carried out in 1920.

Being located in the heart of Kangra town, Brajeshwari Mata temple is very much approachable by road, railway line and air route. The nearest airport from here is just about 10 kms at Gaggal. The kangra town is itself a railway station for narrow gauge line and is connected to Pathankot broad gauge.

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