Bhimakali Temple : A blend of Hindu and Budhist style of architecture in Sarahan

Bhimakali Temple Sarahan Himachal

The Bhimakali temple in Rampur Tehsil of Himachal Pradesh is a leading shrine of Hindus. Dedicated to the goddess Bhimakali situated in Sarahan, which is 30 kms away from Rampur Bushahar in Himachal, the temple is close to 800 years old. This temple is famous for its unique architecture and here one can find a mix of Hindu and Buddhist style.

Besides religious value, this place is also acclaimed for its natural beauty. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, the ancient temple of the goddess Bhimakali can be seen as a hill station also where the nature and peace lovers can spend quality time.


Located in Sarahan, the Bhimakali temple opens in the morning and evening for worshippers during rituals and offering prayers ‘Aarti’. The new temple within the temple complex was built in 1943. The Bhimakali temple is also counted in the Shakatipithas. It is a belief that the left ear of Mata Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva had dropped at this particular place. In this sense, this place has great importance among the devotees of Hinduism. The statue of the Bhimakali goddess set up in the temple lies painted as a virgin woman.

Bhimakali Temple Sarahan Himachal

Apart from this, a mythological tale is also prevalent that the saint named  Bhimagiri had meditated here for a very long period . The Saint had a baton, on which the Bhimakali was enshrined. After meditation when Saint tried to lift his baton, it had become so heavy that he could not lift it up. He understood that the goddess wanted to be established here only. At the urging of Saint, the king established the goddess as his family deity kulja right there. Two other temples dedicated to Bhairon and Narsingh ji are also present there. The surrounding mountains enhances the beauty of the temple. Every year the festival of Dashera is celebrated with the large pomp at this place.


Besides religious significance, Sarahan is also known for its natural beauty. Compared to popular hill stations, it is quite  serene and is full of scenic beauty. Sarahan, which is covered with beautiful green forests, high hills and has enchanting scenery of nature on each corner was named as Shonitpur in the ancient time. It was the capital of Banasur. Tourists can also enjoy trekking here. Hotel facility is also available here for the comfort of tourists.


The Jubabarahatti airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 180 kilometres from Sarahan, which is linked to regular flights from the country’s major cities. The bus or cab service is available from here to Sarahan. The nearest railway station, which is 250 kms away from Sarahan is the broad gauge station of Kalka. Tourists can come to Shimla through Kalka – Shimla narrow gauge railway line. While going by road to Sarhan, you can enjoy picturesque natural beauty that comes along the way. The Sarahan road is well-connected to the key cities and towns. Sarahan is 500 kms far from Delhi, 180 kms from Shimla and 30 kms from Rampur. There is a town called Jury, which is just 17 kilometres away from Rampur where the road turns for Sarahan.

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