Delhi to Dehradun Expressway project gets environmental clearance

Delhi Dehradun Expressway

The National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) has given clearance to the construction of an expressway between Delhi and Dehradun. This road is expected to shorten the distance between these two cities and bring it down to just 180 kilometers. This will shorten the travel time to just two and a half hours. The expressway will also connect Shamli, Baghpat and Saharanpur to Delhi.

The government of India had approved this project in 2020 soon after which it was sent to NBWL for permission. S.S Sandhu, Chairman of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) who approved the project had asserted that it will be an elevated expressway. However, since some part of the it belonged to Rajaji Park in Uttarakhand and the rest to Uttar Pradesh forest land, the NHAI Chairman had asked Uttarakhand CM to request NBWL for clearance involving forest and other environmental aspects in order to speed up the project.

Delhi Dehradun Expressway

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Chief Wildlife Warden JS Suhaag told media that the NBWL gave the clearance after a recent meet-up of its official. As per information, the project will also include construction of a tunnel near “Daatkaali Mandir” in Dehradun.

For the construction of the expressway, permission was needed from NBWL for the area of 20 km – from Ganeshpur of Uttar Pradesh to Dehradun. This area belongs to Rajaji Tiger Reserve Park and Shivalik Elephant Reserve Park.

Meanwhile, there has been hue and cry from the people from Shivalik area who are worried over cutting a lot of trees. They claim that the area demarcated for the expressway has a forest of Shawl trees which take a long time to grow. Hence destroying them will be a huge blow to the ecosystem of the area. On estimation, almost 2.5 thousand of Shawl trees will be cut by authorities but Forest Department said NBWL gave the permissions on minimal cutting.

State government believes that expressway is very important for connectivity of Delhi and Dehradun. This will give a big boost to tourism industry which is the backbone of the state’s economy. Harak Singh, Forest Minister of Uttrakhand, believe that the construction of the expressway will be a huge milestone for the people. He has reassured that he is personally monitoring the cutting of trees and it will be kept as minimum as possible.

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