Dharamshala Cricket Stadium reopened after 10 months

dharamshala cricket stadium

After nearly six months of staying shut due to the corona virus pandemic, Dharamshala cricket stadium is reopened with 10 rupees price hike in its ticket price. Due to global pandemic stadium was shut down in March for visitors. In March, an International match between India and South Africa got cancelled due to heavy rain. But now after it’s reopening, huge number of visitors is coming in the stadium. 

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association was facing huge losses due to shutting down of the stadium because of COVID-19. Almost 900 to 1500 visitors were coming to visit stadium daily before COVID-19 which grosses almost 75 thousand to 85 thousand everyday for Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association. Stadium was attracting hundreds of visitors during its off-season as well.

dharamshala cricket stadium

Photo Source – Hindustan Times

Ticket Prices have been hiked for the visitors

Stadium is reopened after 10 months with 10 rupees hike in its prices. Ticket prices are now 30 rupees, earlier it was 20 rupees. Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association decided 20 rupees price of tickets before COVID-19 pandemic in March but now price of the tickets has been hiked 10 rupees more.

Vendors are excited after stadium’s reopening

Small vendors around the stadium were facing huge losses from last 10 months due to shutting down of the stadium but now they are excited because huge number of crowd is coming to visit the stadium. Their livelihood is depended on the people who come to visit stadium. They are waiting for international matches in the stadium which will pull the audience back to watch cricket and help them to recover their losses due to Corona Pandemic. 

COVID-19 guidelines will be followed

As per central government’s guidelines, Stadium was disinfected and sanitized. On every gate thermal screening will be done by guards.  Wearing of masks will be mandatory and nobody will be allowed without mask in the stadium. Social distancing will be followed as per rules. Boards have been also installed in several places in the stadium for the visitors to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

For this year, prices of the ticket have been increased from 20 rupees to 30 rupees for the visitors.

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