Formed by Bhakra Dam, Govind Sagar Lake in Bilaspur offers enthralling experience

Govind Sagar Lake Bilaspur

Formed by Bhakra Nangal Dam on the Sutlej River, a beautiful Lake of Govind Sagar is located in the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the most important places of Bilaspur district. Extending up to the area of approximately 170 sq kms, this beautiful lake is probably one of the India’s largest man-made lakes.

The lake is named after Guru Govind Singh, the tenth guru of the Sikhs. Nestled in the lap of beautiful small green hills, the fascinating Govind Sagar lake is a vast reservoir. The beauty of this place is so much enthralling that one would start taking pictures while crossing this place.

Built between 7th and 12th century in the old city of Bilaspur, the shikhara-style temples have submerged in the water of Govind Sagar lake. However, when water in the lake recedes the upper part of the temples gets displayed. The Department of Archaeology has been planning to restore more than a dozen temples located underwater here. Apart from tourism, the Govind Sagar Lake is also very beneficial for agriculture as it irrigates the large part of the surrounding area.

Govind Sagar Lake Bilaspur

After adequate rains, the water in this lake rises in the months of October and November. During this time, a series of yacht races are organized by the Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation. The games like water skiing, rowing, kayaking and water scooter racing are also held here. A wide range of amenities like speed boat and ferry ride are also available here.

The famous Naina Devi Temple is situated about 20 kms away from this lake. Besides this, the religious place of Sikhs, Anandapur Sahib is also located near by. This place has been the centre of faith for both Sikhs and Hindus. The huge fair is held at the Naina Devi Temple in the month of August. Tourists visiting Govind Sagar Lake can also enjoy the view of forts, temples and other beautiful places located nearby.

This place is not directly connected by air or rail route. The nearest airports from here are 131 kms located at Bhuntar, Kullu and 131 kms at Chandigarh. Where as the nearest railway station from Govind Sagar Lake is located 65 kms away at Kiratpur Sahib, Punjab. Taxis can be hired from Anandapur Sahib and Kiratapur Sahib for this location. The distance of road route from Shimla to Govind Sagar Lake is 85 kms.

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