Auspicious occassions and festivals are celebrated with sweet Babrus

Babru Himachal Food

Himachal is famous worldwide for its unique heritage and natural beauty. That’s why millions of people from all over the country and world arrive here to enjoy its beauty and study its rich culture. In addition to natural beauty,  its local food is also quite popular. Today we are going to tell you about a similar Pahari food recipe of Himachal Pradesh namely Babru or fried loaves.

This is an important dessert or banquet that Himachalis prepare during festivals. However there is a slight difference between fried loaves and Babarus. The fried loaves contains no sweet or salt, where as Babaru is purely a sweet dish.


Rice flour

Mustard or refined oil

One glass milk

Sugar or jaggery

Baking powder

Babru Himachal Food


First of all, sugar or jaggery is added in the boiled milk and then it is left for some time at room temperature. After that, this milk and baking powder is mixed with flour in the plate. Then dough is properly kneaded by adding adequate water. While doughing,  grated coconut and sweet fennel can also be added in it.

When the dough is well kneaded, the oil is covered on it for 2 to 3 hours. Then small loafs of this dough are cooked in the heated oil. In this way the delicious babarus of Himachal Pradesh are made. Babarus get nice shape after adding baking powder in the dough. Well kneaded dough produces sweet and soft babrus.

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