Himachal Pradesh’s Kangri Dham: A perfect blend of flavours

Kangri Dham

Popularly known as ‘Devbhoomi’ the land of Gods, Himachal Pradesh enshrines many things including religious places, adventure sports, trekking routes, mesmerizing sceneries which captivate the tourists from all over the world. It is equally famous for its amazing variety of food dishes served during different occasions. Each district in Himachal Pradesh offers eminent culture and food, but Kangri Dham of Kangra district excels in every aspect as a traditional world-famous feast. Initially being served as Prasad in the temples in Himachal, Kangri Dham is prepared and served during various religious ceremonies, festivals, marriages, etc.

Kangri Dham

Traditionally, Dham is a feast prepared by Brahmin cooks called Botis and served on Sal tree leaves (pattals) while sitting in rows on the ground. Botis wear dhotis, a traditional cloth while preparing and serving Dhaam. No one in any part of the world can match their cooking skill. Dhaam includes about 7-9 dishes like Rajmah Madrah, Sepu Badi madrah, Matar paneer madrah, Chhole madrah, Teliya urad daal, Kadi, Khatta, Rice, Sweet rice etc. Surprisingly, all these recipes are cooked without the use of onion and garlic. Moreover, vegetables are also avoided in Dham. 

The utensils used for cooking are made of brass. All types of Madrah recipes are prepared in desi ghee and curd, where as Khatta is prepared with the help of jaggery and tamarind in an iron vessel. The sweet rice is cooked in desi ghee and dry fruits adding to its flavour. Kangri Dham is not just a feast but a blend of flavours and spices, reflecting the beautiful culture prevalent in Kangra.

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