Kalpa in Kinnaur, a blend of religion and natural beauty in Himachal Pradesh

kalpa in kinnaur

Located at an altitude of 2,758 m, the small but amazing village of Kalpa was once the headquarter of Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh. According to some historical evidences and beliefs, this region was under the reign of Magadha dynasty followed by the famous Maurya Empire during the 6th century AD. Later, it was ruled by the Mughal Empire. The culture of Kalpa is very much influenced by Hindu and Buddhist religions. Being a wonderful hill station, this place is not less than a paradise for nature lovers.

The Sutlej river can be seen flowing through the deep valleys of Kalpa. The inhabitants of Kalpa sell hand-made beautiful shawls and Kinnauri hats. The famous tourist destination known as Mount Kinner Kailash is the main attraction of Kalpa. Since there is a 70 m high Shivalingam enshrined at the peak of this mountain, it is the major center of faith for the Hindus. Here the tourists keep thronging throughout the year. The sight of Sunshine and Sunset on the snow-clad mountains in the morning here is very captivating.

kalpa in kinnaur

Besides Kinner Kailash, Sangala valley is also the major centre of attraction here. Situated on the bank of the Baspa river, this area is located at an altitude of 8900 ft from the sea level. Kamaru fort, Naga temple and Sapani are some of the major tourist destinations here, which are famous for their architecture. Kalpa is also famous for its apple orchards. There is another major site located 10 minutes away from the apple gardens called the ‘Suicide Point’. The best time to travel here is the summer season. There occurs an unexpected rainfall during the summer season, while the winter season is too much cold here. The temperature here in winter goes down to -10° C, whereas the minimum temperature here in the summer lasts up to 8 degree Celsius.

How to reach Kalpa
Tourists can take road route through NH 22 to reach Kalpa. The direct bus service is available for Kalpa from many areas of Himachal including Shimla, Rampur, Rohtang pass. Tourists can also opt for rail route upto Kalka railway station, which is about 310 km away from Kalpa. Tourists can also come to Shimla through the Kalka-Shimla railway that runs on narrow gauge.

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