Kinnaur Hotels opened for tourists in Himachal Pradesh after a temporary suspension

Kinnaur Hotels

The Hotels Association in Kinnaur valley of Himachal Pradesh have announced reopening of services after a temporary suspension since COVID 19 crisis. Earlier, a group of merchants had decided to keep their businesses shut even after the state and central governments lifted ban on tourist activities across country in September. This certainly is a good news for tourists as they were earlier missing out on all the adventures offered by the Kinnaur valley.

Kinnaur weather has been snowy with lowest temperature of -2 degree Celsius and lesser ever since last week of October and like every other districts of Himachal Pradesh, the locals here are also expecting a huge footfall of tourists. As of now, people are visiting other tourist spots of Himachal Pradesh like Lahaul, Atal Rohtang Tunnel, Manali, Chamba etc in numbers. 

Kinnaur Hotels

One of its major attraction is the Krishna temple that is situated at 12000 feet height. The tourists trekk their way to the temple, alongside which is  Yula Kanda lake where a strange tradition is being followed in which the tourists are asked to throw their caps in order to observe whether the cap floats its way to shore or drowns. The belief is that if the cap floats to the shore then the person throwing it will have fortune in his favor and the wishes might come true. Other tourists attractions in Kinnaur district are Chandika Devi Temple and the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the Great Himalayan range. 

The Kinnaur valley had been shut for tourists since past six months. The hotel owners had in September expressed concern over their already grown cash crops of Kinnaur apples, dry fruits and others, saying the arrival of tourists can trigger coronavirus spread that might put pressure on the under developed health infrastructure of Kinnaur district. 

The Central Government of India however had lifted the ban on Tourist activities in September which prompted a lot of other tourist destinations to reinstate services but Kinnaur Hotels were shut till November 1.  The hotel association has now asked all the merchants in the valley to resume services with all the Covid guidelines laid by the Central government in place. Kinnaur hotel association has made the masks mandatory for all tourists and have also asked to ensure timely sanitization of all the hotels and public spaces.

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