Neeb Karauri Baba Ashram, where Apples founder and Facebook CEO got motivation

Kainchi Dham Ashram

Located about 17 kms away from Nainital of Uttrakhand, the famous Kainchi Dham Ashram of Neeb Karauri Baba has been built at Kainchi village. This temple is the centre of faith for many people in the world. Neeb Karauri Baba who died in 972 A.D., is equated to the greatest saints of the 20th century. Besides Indians, a large number of foreign tourists also visit Kainchi Dham.

The people from USA are the highest among foreigners who come here. Nestled between cedar groves in the hilly terrain, the Ashram has temples of five gods including Lord Hanumana. People believe that Baba himself was the embodiment of lord Hanumana. According to locals, Baba had the divine power of occult. In addition to this, he had also attained supremacy in pre-analysing or foreseeing the impending troubles.

Neem Karauli Baba was born at Akbarpur village of Firozabad district in Uttar Pradesh. People have a strong belief that Neeb Karauri Baba was a saint with divine powers. He had got these supernatural powers from the Lord Hanumana. He could also perceive the Trikal. The Baba’s foreign devotees include Apple’s founder Steve Jobs, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Hollywood top actress Julia Roberts. Mark Zuckerberg had mentioned the Neeb Karauri Baba Ashram during his meeting with the India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Zuckerberg also revealed the fact that Steve Jobs, the founder of famous company Apple had suggested him to visit this particular ashram.

Kainchi Dham Ashram

It is said that Steve Jobs had come here to take retirement from public life and to become ascetic in 1973. He wanted to meet Neeb Karauri Baba, but he had passed away several days before Steve Jobs arrived. He stayed at the Ashram for a few days. After getting motivation here, Steve Jobs went to the United States and established the Apple Company, giving up the idea of becoming ascetic. Today Apple is one of the world’s biggest names in technology. It is said that when Steve Jobs died, the picture of Neem Karauli Baba was founded under his pillow.

Mark Zuckerberg also unravelled that in 2004 when his company Facebook was going through a huge crisis, he had come here on the advice of his mentor Steve Jobs. He spent some time here. It was the strength that he attained here, which helped him in making Facebook one of the world’s largest companies today. Hollywood actress Julia Roberts also once visited this place. She was so much influenced and impressed here that she decided to adopt the Hindu religion.

The Kainchi based Neeb Karauri Baba Ashram is situated 9 kms from Bhavali and 17 kms from Nainital. From here the nearest railway station is located 37 kms at Kathgodam. Direct train runs between Kathgodam and Delhi. The nearest airport from here is 71 kilometers away at Pantnagar. You can reach this place via Nainital by road. You’ll get a bus or a taxi to go to the ashram here. One can reach Baba’s ashram from Kathgodam via Haldwani-Bhuvali.

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