No place is better than Padum in Zanskar area of Ladakh to attain mental peace

Padum Zanskar Ladakh

Located in the beautiful Kunluun hills and Himalayan ranges, Ladakh is very popular nationally as well as internationally. Tourists from different states of India and abroad visit this place in large number every year. This place is quite popular even among the bikers. High-hills, deep valleys, rolling fields and beautiful farmland make this place a beautiful paradise. There is another tourist destination called Padum in this beautiful place, in the area of Zanskar in Ladakh. This place is quite popular among locals and tourists for it provides tranquillity and clean environment.

Besides its natural beauty, the pollution free atmosphere fascinates every visitor here. There is a rush of tourists during summers here. The atmosphere here is considered to be the best for the people who get fed up of mental and physical exhaustion of polluted and populated cities. One can experience mental peace in this area, which is surrounded by beautiful hills. The name of Padum is named after Bodh Guru Padamasambhava of  8th century. He was also called Guru Rinpoche. This place is also quite famous because of monasteries. Numerous Tibetan and Muslim families live here.

Padum Zanskar Ladakh

If you like peace and love nature, then Padum is one of the best places for you. The weather here is quite cold. This place is also famous for religious pilgrimage as there are many monasteries here. Among major monasteries, the Baradan and Kurasha monastery are very popular. Here you can study and know about Buddhist culture very closely. One can hardly find such a beautiful place in India. The population of Padum is approximately 1000. Several hotels, homestays and restaurants are available here for tourists. Besides this, one can also find post office, internet cafe and telephone booth at Padum.

The season between July to September is accurate for visiting this place. During this time, the weather remains clear and stable,  therefore the tourists can enjoy Padum’s beauty at its fullest. It can be dangerous to come here in the winter because of a heavy snowfall during this season, due to which main highway get obstructed.


The nearest airport from Padum is located 440 kilometres away at Leh. You can take bus or hire taxi to reach Padum from the airport. The nearest railway station is 735 km away from the Jammu railway station. You can take bus or taxi to reach Padum. Srinagar, Leh and Jammu are the main stations from where you can take public vehicle to go to Padum.

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