Price of Pine nuts dipped with good season of harvest in Himachal Pradesh

Price of Pine nuts

As winter approaching, the demand for Pignolia aka Pine nut or Chilgoza, one of the most expensive and exclusive dry fruit, surges. And since Himachal’s Kinnaur district is the only place that grows pine nuts in India, the merchants across country depend on farmers here. Fortunately the season has been good for farmers this year due to which the price of pine nuts have also dipped reasonably.

The farmers in Kinnaur have set up market for pine nuts at Rampur Mela Maidan in Kinnaur district where dry fruit merchants from across country are buying it. The rate this year has dipped to Rs 1300 per Kg which is reasonably lower than Rs 1800 per Kg from last year. It is the result of the good season of harvest in 2020. 

Price of Pine nuts

Pinus gerardiana, known as chilgoza, is a pine that is native to the north-western Himalayas from Afghanistan and Pakistan to India. It grows at heights from 1,800 metres to 3,350 metres. In India, it is only found in Kinnaur. It is one of the 29 important edible nuts yielding pine species found all over the world. Pine nuts has been a food source for thousands of years for peoples as diverse as Native Americans and those living in the Mediterranean basin. it is extracted from the pine cones of several species of coniferous trees.

These nuts can be toasted or eaten raw. Irrespective of the form in which they are eaten, pine nuts are a healthy addition to the diet because they are packed with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. 

Helps in Suppressing diets

Cardiologist James Beckerman and other food experts have many a times pointed out that pine nuts also contain high levels of pinolenic acid, another fatty acid that triggers the body’s production of appetite suppressing hormones. According to Beckerman, the people of Siberia have a lot of times eaten pine nuts or used pine oil in the times of food scarcity. So, if you are looking to lose weight, pine nuts can be a great help.

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