Shangchul Mahadev Temple in Kullu provides asylum to socially banished lovers

Shangchul Mahadev Temple

Himachal Pradesh is known for its natural beauty, historical places and strange traditions. Only a few people know that there is a unique temple in Kullu, where lovers are protected. The young couples who go against society’s age old traditions and fall in love get shelter by the temple deity. Located in Shanghad village of Kullu, the ancient temple of Shangchul Mahadev belongs to the Mahabharata era. It is said that no one including police can harm the lovers who take asylum here. There is a very interesting story behind it.

Mahabharata’s Link
It is believed that Pandavas had stayed in Kullu during the period of their exile. In the meantime, Kauravas also came here in their search. Then Pandavas prayed and appealed Shangchul Mahadev to protect them. In response to Pandavas’ appeal, Mahadev prevented the Kauravas from coming to this place, and declared that from then onwards no one would be able to harm the person taking shelter here. It is said that only since then this tradition has begun. If the socially banished lovers come here then the villagers come forward to protect them under the orders of deity. As long as the cases are not settled, the people in the Brahmin community take care of them.

Shangchul Mahadev Temple Kullu

The border area of Shangchul Mahadev temple is around 100 Bighas. Surprisingly, the police is also prohibited in this area. Alcohol, cigarettes and leather goods as well as weapons are also banned in this village. Besides quarrel, even speaking in loud voice is also not tolerated in the village. People here have full faith in their deity and everyone obeys His orders or decisions. Here couples in large number visit every year to take Almighty’s blessings. A major fire broke out at this village in 2015, causing a great damage to this temple along with houses, after which it was reconstructed.

How to reach
About 60 kms away from Kullu, the Shanghad village is situated at the last end of Sainj Valley. The nearest airport from Shanghad is 45 kilometres away located in Bhuntar. One can take bus or taxi to go there. The nearest railway station is 117 kms away at Joginder Nagar. One can take either bus or taxi from here to go to Shanghad village.

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