The republic of South Korea to promote tourism and cultural exchanges

tourism in himachal

The republic of South Korea have initiated talks with Himachal Governor to promote tourism and cultural exchanges between the two regions. The news was shared by Himachal Pradesh Governor Bandaru Dattatraya who was called on by Ambassador of the republic in South Korea – Shin Bong-Kil in Raj Bhavan on Thursday.

As per the governor, the call was aimed towards strengthening the bilateral bonds between the two governments and exploring possibilities of future collaborations specially in tourism sector. The two leaders talked about exchange of culture and skill development programmes.

The governor said that Himachal pradesh has been experiencing rapid development, not just in Tourism sector but also in Agriculture, Industries and human resource. And, collaborating with the Korean government in any of these sectors can bring fortune for the people of both regions.

tourism in himachal

Dattatreya in his statement claimed that he told the Korean Ambassador about the rich and diverse history of Himachal Pradesh and how millions of tourists visit the heritage sites every year. He said that Himachal Pradesh and South Korean Governments are going to work together to strengthen bonds through culture exchange programmes.

The korean Ambassador meanwhile stressed upon working to improve regional connectivity and providing people to people contact.

He thanked the governor for taking out time to chat. The ambassador had Minister Counsellor Chang Ho Seung and Kang Yeon Soo, Second Secretary in the Embassy along with him. He also expressed his view on the culture ties between India and South Korea.

Later Secretary of Governor, Rakesh Kanwar gave the two ambassadors, a virtual tour of the Raj Bhawan Palace and told them about its legacy.

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