Very few dare to enter the Yamraj temple of Bharmaur in Chamba of Himachal

Yamraj Temple Bharmaur

Undoubtedly, Himachal Pradesh is the land of gods where one can witness innumerable temples. Each of these temples has some mystical tale behind its origin. The Yamraj temple is also one such mysterious temple located about 600 kms away from Delhi at Bharmaur in Himachal. In Hinduism, the Yamraj is considered to be a god of death. As per Hindu mythology, when a person dies his soul is brought to the Court of Yamraja, from where that particular soul is sent either to hell or heaven in consequence of his or her past deeds.

There is one empty room in the temple, which is said to be of Yamraj’s secretary Chitaragupta who manages the account of deeds of every individual. There is also one room in front of this very room called the Court of Yamraj. The devotees come here from almost every part of the country, but very few of them show the courage to enter the shrine. Having a strong belief that the Yamraja is still residing here, the devotees just pay their obeisance to the Yamaraja at the temple’s entry gate and go away.

Yamraj Temple Bharmaur

When any creature dies, its soul is first presented before the Chitaragupta. He primarily reviews the full account of actions of the soul. Then the soul is taken to the court of Yamraja, where He gives his verdict to the soul accordingly. People also believe that this temple has four invisible gates made of gold, silver, copper and iron on its four walls.

Putting into action the decision of Yamraja, the soul is taken to heaven or hell through these doors. The reference about these four gates being located in four directions in the Yamaraja Darbar is also found in the Garuda Purana. It is a saying that the person who comes here and worships Yamraja, gets rid of the fear of premature death.

How to reach
The distance between Bharmaur and Chamba is 60 kilometers. Taxi and bus facilities are available for Bharmaur from Chamba. The nearest airport from Bharmaur is located 203 kms away at Kangra. One can take bus or taxi to Bharmaur from here. The nearest railway station from here is 180 kilometers away at Pathankot from where one can easily reach Bharmaur by bus or taxi.

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